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Our specialist Eco Willow Mulch is the ideal choice for your home gardening needs.

Made from 100% clean virgin chips sourced from locally grown perennial willow wood crops, Eco Crops’ specialist willow mulch is the ideal choice for enhancing soil health and promoting plant growth. 

Willow chip mulch can be used in much the same way as traditional bark mulch but offers a surprising array of benefits for your garden and our planet. 

This quality willow wood mulch is available in both bulk and bag options, ensuring convenience and flexibility for all your gardening and landscaping needs.

Zero Acidification effect on soil Willow ramial mulch - Eco Crops Ltd

What makes our eco willow mulch unique?

At Eco Crops Ltd, our wood chip is sustainably produced by coppicing SRC perennial willow wood crops from local farms across the UK. These willow crops grow extremely fast and regrow year after year, meaning they are a naturally renewable resource as they can be harvested every 3-5 years for 30 to 50+ years.

Eco Crops’ specialist willow wood mulch offers a range of benefits that go beyond just ground cover. Our willow mulch boasts a consistent quality and a homogenous composition that won’t acidify the soil or pose any risk to your plants, ensuring their vitality year after year. 

And with a stable and renewable supply, you can count on us for all your mulching needs!

The willow used in our mulch is also sustainably sourced from local farms in the UK and offers many environmental benefits – read more about perennial willow crops here

In fact, our willow wood chips are renowned for their uniformity and durability, making them suitable for various applications, from landscaping projects to biomass fuel for heat and electricity.

Doesn't acidify the soil or deplete nitrogen levels.

Improves soil fertility for optimal plant growth.

Effective at combatting common diseases.

Benefits of our specialist willow mulch

Eco Crops uses top-quality virgin willow wood chips to produce our specialist willow mulch.

The wood chips we harvest are a consistent 30mm in size, providing a much cleaner ground cover. Compared to bark mulch, our willow chip mulch can last significantly longer without compacting, making it ideal for use in areas with high foot traffic, such as trails. 

Our willow chip mulch offers the same benefits as conventional mulch, including:

By reducing the need for frequent irrigation and weed control, our willow wood mulch helps you save time and effort while ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth. Plus, its decomposition process provides a steady supply of organic matter to the soil as it breaks down, enriching it with essential nutrients to maintain a thriving garden.

Virgin SRC willow chip mulch from Eco Crops is also useful for fruit growers. There is growing evidence that the salicin in willow may help with disease resistance in other plants, including scab in apple trees.

How to use Eco Willow Mulch

Our willow chip mulch is excellent for gardening, landscaping projects, creating pathways, and protecting new plants and trees. It can be used as mulch in the same way as conventional mulch, helping to retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, and add organic matter to the soil.

Our locally sourced willow wood mulch is also suitable for a wide range of other purposes, including substrate for chicken pens and biomass fuel for heat and electricity.

Our Top Tips for using our Eco Willow Mulch -

As with all mulches, apply carefully around herbaceous perennials and small bulbs, ensuring they are not covered.

For optimal results, we recommend leaving an 8-10cm (3-4in) gap between the willow mulch and the base of tree trunks or shrubs.

Willow wood mulch can be applied any time of year, but for optimal weed suppression, apply willow mulch to beds in early spring, before annual weeds establish themselves.

For best results, we recommend using willow wood chips between your garden beds, around the bottom of newly- or well-established trees to promote tree health, or as mulch around plants on the soil surface. 

Our willow wood chips can also be used to pave greenhouses and outdoor workspaces to avoid the mud underfoot during winter. They make for a soft, carpet-like floor when applied as a 4-inch layer in these settings.

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Delivery Information

Our willow mulch is available in bulk or bags, depending on your requirements. Eco Crops can also supply willow mulch in small bags to local retail stockists. Contact us for more details or fill in the form below.

Ordering Your Willow Mulch

Ordering your ramial chipped wood couldn’t be simpler. Whether you opt for bulk walking floors with 90, 100, or 110 cubic metre loads or dumpy bags, our locally grown willow wood chip offers uniform consistency, making it perfect for various applications.

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Are you a trade or retail business looking to expand your product range with high-quality willow mulch? Join us in bringing Eco Crops’ specialist eco mulch to your customers, whether they’re avid gardeners or landscaping professionals. With its proven benefits for soil health and plant growth, our willow wood mulch is a must-have for farm shops, gardening centres and beyond. Partner with us today and offer your customers a sustainable solution for healthier gardens.

Why choose mulch made from willow?

Willow is Good for the Environment

Willow crops boast numerous environmental benefits. Firstly, they create habitats for a variety of mammals, birds and insects. 

One of the primary elements of this is that willow produce nectar early in the season, which supports key species like bees and butterflies. This helps establish a strong population of pollinators, subsequently enhancing floral diversity and boosting the productivity and yield of other crops.

Willow Crops Help Prevent Flooding

With the increasing prevalence of heavy rainfall and flooding, willow crops can also play a crucial role in mitigating these issues. They help to slow the flow of floodwater and offer natural flood management to mitigate flood risk, particularly in residential areas.


The root systems of willow trees also help to stabilise the soil while simultaneously absorbing pollutants, keeping our rivers and waterways clean.

Our Willow is Sustainable & Locally Grown in the UK

The willow used for our specialist ramial chipped wood mulch is grown sustainably as an arable crop and harvested locally from plantations across the UK. 

The crops are harvested every 3-5 years for 50+ years through a process called coppicing. This means that the crops are not uprooted so the willow naturally grows back each time. Through this process, we can reduce the carbon released into the atmosphere by undisturbed soil and reduced machinery emissions.

SRC Perennial Willow Mulch Combats Diseases

Willow wood mulch is useful for fruit growers, too. Research shows that the salicin in willow may help disease resistance in other plants, including scab in apple trees caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis. As the willow chip decays, the salicin is released into the soil, where it is taken up by the tree roots. 


A field lab through Innovative Farmers looked at the effect of willow mulch around apple trees to combat apple scab, and farmers revealed the use of the mulch saved a lot of time and money by not needing to spray trees with chemicals.

This means that applying willow wood mulch around your apple trees may help combat this disease!

FAQs About Eco Willow Mulch

Is Willow Wood Mulch Safe for my Plants?

Yes, willow chip mulch is safe for your plants. Unlike walnut chips, willow mulch is non-toxic and won't harm your garden plants.

Will Willow Mulch Acidify my Soil?

While there might be minor fluctuations in pH within the mulch layer itself, these changes won’t affect the underlying soil. That means you won’t need to apply any lime!

Will Willow Chip Mulch Cause Nutrient Deficiency?

While there may be a small zone of nutrient uptake at the interface between the mulch and soil layers, this will have little impact on well-established plants rooted below this zone.

Our willow wood chips are large and are less likely to deplete nitrogen in the soil. In fact, as your willow mulch decomposes, it releases nutrients into the soil and increases long-term soil fertility. 

For best results, apply the willow chip mulch on the soil surface rather than mixing it deep into the ground where your plants feed.

What can I use Willow Mulch for?

Our specialise willow wood mulch is incredibly versatile! It's perfect for garden flower beds and borders, where it suppresses weeds, retains moisture, and enhances soil health. You can also use it for pathways, around trees and shrubs, and in vegetable gardens to support healthy growth and reduce maintenance.

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