Grow Your Own Energy

Grow, and manage production of your own renewable energy.

Eco Crops Ltd can provide expert guidance on the optimal methods for cultivating Willow and Poplar crops, allowing you to produce your own renewable energy.

The National Grid, which supplies electricity to millions of households and businesses, is embracing green energy. There has been a noticeable shift towards renewable sources of energy. This creates an opportunity for farmers to do their part for the environment and also potentially save costs and generate income, by installing their own renewable energy equipment. Farmers have many unique opportunities to generate their own power from wind turbines, to solar panels and Combined Heat and Power boilers. Our experts have the knowledge and skill to guide farmers on how their own woodchip harvest can be used with modern and efficient CHP systems. CHP is a smart way of generating electricity, providing enough electricity for a farm and using excess heat energy to warm farmhouses, barns and other buildings.

Concerns remain regarding energy security with the ongoing conflicts affecting major fuel supplies. This has resulted in skyrocketing fuel prices that have increased the financial burden of farmers. But creating your own power using renewable energy sources such as woodchip can be the solution that farmers need to help mitigate energy costs. For instance, only one hectare of SRC willow can provide the equivalent energy of 5,700 litres of fuel oil. By using this sustainable energy, farmers can save money and reduce pollution, creating a brighter future for everyone.

One hectare of SRC willow produces the equivalent energy of 3,300 – 5,700 litres of light heating oil

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Willow & Poplar Planting

Willow & Poplar perennial crops can be planted on all kinds of farmland, including land that doesn’t suit traditional farming techniques. You may not be an arable farmer or you may be wondering whether you can plant energy crops with your existing machinery.

The knowledge and experience that Neil and his team have brought to our willow production, has been invaluable.

Terry Dixon - Brackenthwaite Farm

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