Agroforestry – Forestry

Use agroforestry alongside livestock to generate an income, energy & biodiversity net gain.

Forestry practices play a vital role in preserving the environment while also generating sustainable power sources. By carefully managing and replenishing forest resources, we can ensure a healthy and thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

Recent research indicates that every species has the remarkable ability to absorb CO2 from the moment it is planted until it reaches maturity, which can span over 200 years. The process of carbon sequestration, however, is most prominent during the adolescent phase of a tree’s growth, which typically occurs between 10-45 years after planting. During this phase, sequestration levels can exceed an impressive 12 tonnes of CO2 per hectare annually. Therefore, it’s essential to continuously plant trees in different age groups on your farm to optimise sequestration and ensure a sustainable source of timber.

The effects of Agroforestry & Timer Cultivation

How agroforestry can work for you.

Agroforestry Forestry Flow Chart

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Biodiversity Net Gain

The environmental benefits associated with willow and poplar production, is something that all landowners should be considering at every opportunity.  The team at Eco Crops have the expertise and experience to not only advise what’s best for you and your business, but also what’s best for the local and wider environment. 

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