Willow & Poplar Crop Management

The better the crop management, the better the yield.

We offer crop management solutions that can help you achieve maximum yield through the use of established agricultural practices. Our team can provide you with a range of services, including weed control during the establishment phase of your perennial crops, soil sample analysis, nitrogen fertilisation, pest control, and crop tidying. We understand that the time between planting and harvesting can feel long, but we assure you that we will care for your crop and keep you updated on its progress.

Effective crop management requires attention to detail, and our team has the expertise and experience to provide precise cutbacks for first-year willow stems, preventing pathogens from damaging the stem. We also have tried and tested methods for controlling pests and diseases that may affect perennial crops. Depending on the crop, the time between planting and harvesting can vary. However, small management practices can make a significant difference in yields, typically delivering anywhere from 30% to 40% plus in yield improvement. You can trust us to provide efficient and effective crop management solutions to help you maximise your yield.

“The knowledge and experience that Neil and his team have brought to our willow production, has been invaluable.”

Terry Dixon - Brackenthwaite Farm

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