End Markets

Finding the right buyer for your end product is extremely important.

Making the decision to diversify into Biomass Farming alongside your usual farm type can be daunting. What do you do with your Willow crop wood chip or bales? Who will buy it? What can it be used for? How do you get the best price?  The team at Eco Crops Ltd are here to advise and help you every step of the way.

Diversifying into biomass farming is an excellent choice for farmers looking to expand their business, but it can be overwhelming. We understand that you may have questions about how to manage perennial crop wood chips or bales, find buyers, determine uses, and optimise pricing. Our team at Eco Crops Ltd can help you through the entire process. We have extensive experience and connections to guide you to the right end market, whether it’s a power station or biomass CHP power plant, or even a boiler on your own farm. Our primary objective is to ensure that you receive the best ROI and price for your crop. Eco Crops Ltd offers both wet and dry wood chips, meeting G30 and G50 standards. We can provide any required quantity required, from 1 tonne bags to a full walking bed trailer load. Our delivery schedules are flexible, and we can provide dry wood chips with the reliability and volume you require.

Potential end uses of wood chip –

At Eco Crops Ltd, we have years of valuable experience when it comes to providing comprehensive solutions for both growers and buyers alike. Our extensive knowledge is drawn from working with various industry stakeholders, allowing us to be poised to deliver results by helping you make the most informed decisions possible, to increase your returns on investment for your crop.

We understand that an important aspect of the process is ensuring that the finished product conforms to market expectations. You want to be sure that your product meets the needs of the diverse end markets, each having different requirements when it comes to purchasing. There are numerous factors to consider, and we have the know-how to guide you through the process of customising your product to fit each unique market, to maximise returns.

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Willow & Poplar Harvesting

To achieve the best results during the Willow and Poplar harvesting phase, the utmost care and precision are required.  The team at Eco Crops Ltd provide the experience and machine to achieve this.

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