Willow & Poplar Harvest Management

Perennial Willow & Poplar wood crops must be strategically planted & harvested to maximise yield and income.

At Eco Crops Ltd, we offer expert guidance through the precise process of harvesting a perennial Willow & Poplar wood crops. We understand the significance of a successful first harvest, as it sets the foundation for a high yield and thriving plantation over the next 2-4 year cycle for more than 30 years. Our team ensures to harvest your crop with professionalism, which not only improves the longevity of your plantation but also the quality of your biomass product.We possess extensive experience in assisting growers in determining the right moment to harvest their crop as there are numerous factors at stake while making the decision.

We have extensive experience in helping growers decide when the time is right to harvest their crop. There are many variables at stake in making the decision:

Perennial Willow & Poplar wood crop harvesting provides farmers with the flexibility to schedule their harvest without any conflict with their arable harvest. The seasonal window for energy crop harvesting is much wider compared to other crops. It extends from leaf fall to first buds, which is approximately from November to March. This extended time period provides ample opportunity for growers to plan their harvest, ensuring that the perennial crops are collected at their optimal stages. As a result, crop harvesting can be seamlessly incorporated into a well-planned and managed farming operation without compromising on yields, quality, or timeliness.

We aim for high-quality harvests that leave the best possible legacy to maximise future yields, by taking care of your fields and margins during the harvesting process.

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Grow Your Own Energy

Eco Crops Ltd can provide expert guidance on the optimal methods for cultivating Willow and Poplar crops, allowing you to produce your own renewable energy. The National Grid, which supplies electricity to millions of households and businesses, is embracing green energy. There has been a noticeable shift towards renewable sources of energy. 

The knowledge and experience that Neil and his team have brought to our willow production, has been invaluable.

Terry Dixon - Brackenthwaite Farm

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