Willow & Poplar Planting

Perennial crop planting requires specialist equipment and expert knowledge  – that’s where we come in!

Perennial Willow & Poplar wood crops can be planted on all kinds of farmland, including land that doesn’t suit traditional farming techniques. You may not be an arable farmer or you may be wondering whether you can plant  crops with your existing machinery.

We can manage the entire planting process from start to finish. Our extensive experience in planting equipment and experience is available to you:

Everything we do is with the aim of ensuring we maximise your yield and income. One of the most interesting features of SRC Willow for example, is the huge number of varieties, each with its own specialties. We will test your soil and help you to decide which combination of varieties to plant. Why is this important? Perennial crops are particularly beneficial to biodiversity and by mixing varieties, the spring blossom season can be extended, giving pollinating insects more time to feed on nectar. In addition, the leaf drop period can be extended, keeping weed growth to a minimum well into autumn. It also helps with pest control as not all varieties are as attractive as each other to pests.

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Willow & Poplar Harvesting

To achieve the best results during the Willow and Poplar harvesting phase, the utmost care and precision are required.  The team at Eco Crops Ltd provide the experience and machine to achieve this.

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