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Our UK-made eco wood briquettes are an effective and sustainable alternative to traditional heat logs and fire bricks.

Discover the eco-friendly way to heat your home or business with these eco wood briquettes, also known as heat logs or fire bricks. Made from locally grown and coppiced UK willow wood crops, our eco briquettes offer a clean, efficient, and sustainable alternative to traditional firewood. Whether you’re looking to cosy up next to the log burner at home, enhance the ambience of a hospitality venue, or fuel your biomass log boiler, Eco Crops has you covered.

100% UK Produced - Supporting UK Farmers & Producers - Eco Crops Ltd

A Sustainable & Efficient Fuel Source

Ready to Burn Certificate - briquettes - Eco Crops Ltd

Produced from 100% raw virgin fibre willow that’s sustainably grown by UK farmers, these eco briquettes are a renewable, carbon-neutral fuel source. Unlike traditional fire logs, these compressed willow wood bricks are certified ‘Ready to Burn’ and offer numerous benefits, including:

With their low moisture content and high calorific value, these eco wood briquettes ignite easily and burn at a consistently high temperature for a clean, efficient and extended burn time.

Willow Briquette Specifications -


Moisture Content

Allows for easy lighting and a long, clean and efficient burn without excessive smoke.

19.95 MJ/kg

Calorific Value

Provides a high burning temperature for a powerful heat output.


Total Ash Content

Minimises ash buildup and reduces maintenance requirements.

Our briquettes are very easy to resize to fit a variety of stoves and stack well for tidy storage.

Each Eco Briquette

230 x 250 x 75mm

Eco Briquette Pack

7 Heat Logs

Where can I use Eco Wood Briquettes?

Our eco wood briquettes can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

Easy to Use

Using our willow wood briquettes is easy!

To maximise performance and safety, load 1-3 eco briquettes depending on the size of your appliance. We find that loading to roughly half of the capacity of your firebox is ideal, but see what works best for you.

Please note that these eco briquettes will expand in the fire and burn much hotter than traditional logs, so it’s important not to overload your firebox to ensure proper ventilation and optimal burning conditions.

Top tips for using your eco wood briquettes:


Load 1-3 briquettes at a time, don't overfill


Build the fire with an open airflow


Gradually increase the heat output

One eco wood briquette can provide 1-3+ hours of warmth depending on your heating appliance and burn settings. Refer to manufacturer guidance for optimal results.

How to use your Eco Wood Briquettes
Follow our simple steps for starting and maintaining a fire to enjoy the full benefits of our eco wood briquettes.

For best results, we recommend:

  1. Open the airflow fully to ensure proper ventilation.

  2. Place 1-2 wood firelighters in the middle of the grate and build a ‘jenga’ or ‘tent’ structure with kindling on top.

  3. Light the firelighter(s) and close the door for a few minutes until the fire is properly established.

  4. Once the fire is established, add 1-3 wood briquettes to steadily build your fire.

  5. Adjust the airflow settings for heat efficiency as per your stove manufacturer's instructions.

  6. Refuel as required, ensuring not to overload your appliance.

Important Tips
  1. Avoid overloading your wood burner or stove as our eco briquettes burn much hotter than traditional fire logs. Start with just 1 wood briquette until you're familiar with its performance.
  2. Make sure the eco briquettes do not touch the glass of your stove, and the door is properly closed.
  3. Don’t forget to keep your ash tray clear and chimney clean for best performance and a smoke-free burn.
Heat Release Time

Heat release time varies between appliances, ranging from 1 hour to over 3 hours. This is based on factors such as air inflow settings, number of briquettes loaded, outside temperature, and appliance size. 

You can build a bed of ash underneath to make your eco wood briquettes last longer into the night. Experiment to find the ideal setting for your appliance and environmental conditions.

How do you use yours?


Find Your Nearest Stockist

At the moment, Eco Crops Ltd supplies eco wood briquettes to trade customers, with minimal orders of 120 packs/ 1 pallet. Interested? Discuss your requirements and place your trade order.

However, we have a network of stockists across the UK where you can purchase these sustainable willow wood briquettes. Contact our team today to find your nearest stockist.

Why choose Eco Crops wood briquettes?

100% British Made

Support local farmers and growers with our UK-grown eco willow wood briquettes. Choose sustainability and quality by investing in British agriculture.

High Heat Output

Whether you're heating a room or cooking a feast, our eco wood briquettes deliver exceptional performance.

Efficient & Long-Lasting

Experience easy lighting and extended burn times with our wood briquettes. Designed for convenience, they provide sustained warmth, making them ideal for chilly evenings and frosty mornings.

Clean Burning

Say goodbye to smoke and harmful emissions. Our eco briquettes burn cleanly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a natural fire without compromising air quality.

'Ready to Burn' Certified

These eco briquettes are certified by Ready to Burn, ensuring they meet the highest standards and deliver a consistently high heat output with every burn.

Versatile Usage

Our eco wood briquettes are suitable for use with a range of appliances from stoves, biomass boilers and fire pits to barbecues, pizza ovens and campfires.

FAQs about our Eco Wood Briquettes

What's the difference between your eco wood briquettes and regular fire logs?

Our eco wood briquettes offer several advantages over traditional firewood logs:

  • Contains 100% virgin wood with no other additives
  • More consistent shape, size and heat output
  • Longer, hotter, cleaner burn 
  • Easy to light with low moisture content
  • Higher heat density so fewer loadings required
  • Very low ash content for less mess
  • Made from sustainable UK willow wood sources
  • Easily break to desired size
How many briquettes should I use at once?

We recommend using 1-3 briquettes at a time, depending on the size of your appliance. Start with just 1 until you're familiar with their performance, as they burn much hotter than regular fire logs.

How long will these eco briquettes burn for?

A single eco wood briquette can burn for 1-3+ hours, varying based on your heating appliance, air flow settings, bed of ash and other conditions. Their long, high-density burn is one of the key benefits.

Are these eco wood briquettes difficult to light?

No, our low-moisture willow wood briquettes are very easy to light with simple wood firelighters and kindling. Follow our recommended instructions above for best use.

Do I need to provide any special ventilation?

Proper ventilation is important, just as with burning regular firewood or heat logs. Ensure sufficient air intake, especially when first lighting the eco briquettes, and follow all manufacturer guidance for your particular wood-burning appliance.

Where can I purchase these eco wood briquettes?

At the moment, Eco Crops Ltd supplies eco wood briquettes to trade customers, with minimal orders of 120 packs/ 1 pallet. Interested? Discuss your requirements and place your trade order.

However, we have a network of stockists across the UK where you can purchase these sustainable willow wood briquettes. Contact our team today to find your nearest stockist.

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