Willow & Poplar Harvesting

The better the crop management, the better the yield.

To achieve the best results during the Willow and Poplar harvesting phase, the utmost care and precision are required.  The team at Eco Crops Ltd provide the experience and machine to achieve this.

It is essential to use cutting blades that are sharp and positioned low to the ground. This technique enables the production of clean-cut stumps that prevent any damage to the plant. In addition, the height of the cut is equally crucial since cutting too high can result in thinner stems and ultimately a reduction in yields for the following season. In line with this, our team at SRC Willow offers professional advice tailored to your specific marketing needs. This approach results in carefully chipped or baled Willow stems that meet your desired specifications.

It is worth noting that Willow stands out as an advantageous crop, particularly for those with flood-prone land. This plant species significantly reduces soil erosion and minimises flood damage, even during its earliest growth phase. Moreover, a careful approach to perennial energy crops that includes the use of our meticulous harvesting techniques ensures maximised biodiversity in the long run. This practice also promotes a well-covered and sheltered habitat for wildlife throughout the year, thereby mitigating any potential harm during harvest.

Picking up our new machinery.

Rolling out our brand new machinery at Lloyd Ltd Agriculture in Carlisle.  It’s always a pleasure dealing with the guys at Lloyd Ltd, who delivery excellent sales and after-sales service.

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End Markets

Diversifying into biomass farming is an excellent choice for farmers looking to expand their business, but it can be overwhelming. We understand that you may have questions about how to manage energy crop wood chips or bales, find buyers, determine uses, and optimise pricing.

Planting perennial Willow & Poplar crops can require specialist equipment and expert knowledge to guarantee the best yield  – that’s where we come in!

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