Land & Crop Management

Land management is an important process for perennial Willow & Poplar wood crop production.

The experienced team at Eco Crops Ltd can provide comprehensive assistance in managing the processes involved in preparing your land for planting willow or poplar crops. We are highly knowledgeable and capable of converting all types of land into perennial crop sites, regardless of its current use. Our expertise in this field allows us to identify the most versatile crop for your land, with a focus on minimal intervention and reduced costs.

We understand that planting perennial Willow & Poplar wood crops involves legal processes that may expose you to certain risks, including the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations for uncultivated or semi-natural land. Therefore, we offer expert advice to guide you through the legal requirements and ensure that you are fully compliant with all regulations.

We recognize the significance of reducing the carbon footprint, and guarantee that your application involving energy crops is unlikely to be denied. We undertake soil testing to determine the pH and condition of the soil, pre-planting inputs such as herbicides to remove weeds, and removal of heavy stones that may interfere with the planting process. Our team also assesses pest control requirements and offers viable solutions to prevent any disruption to the energy crop seedlings.

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Willow & Poplar Planting

Perennial crop planting requires specialist equipment and expert knowledge  – that’s where we come in!

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