Willow Wood Briquettes

Sustainable UK-made willow wood briquettes. Carbon neutral and Ready To Burn certified. Ideal for stockists and trade customers.

Eco Crops Ltd is proud to offer premium sustainable wood briquettes made from UK-grown willow. Our eco briquettes, also known as heat logs or fire bricks, are the perfect environmentally friendly fuel source for retailers looking to provide their customers with a reliable, carbon-neutral option for their wood stoves, fireplaces, barbecues, campfires, pizza ovens and more.

By stocking our willow wood briquettes, you’ll support British agriculture while offering your customers a high-quality eco-friendly product that is fully ‘Ready To Burn’ certified.

100% UK Produced - Supporting UK Farmers & Producers - Eco Crops Ltd

Product Specifications

Ready to Burn Certificate - briquettes - Eco Crops Ltd

Our high-density eco briquettes are made from virgin wood fibres for a clean, efficient burn that produces significantly less ash compared to traditional fire logs. 

Certified by Ready to Burn, willow wood briquettes from Eco Crops are designed to meet the highest standards and ensure a consistently high heat output with every burn.

Unlike many wood briquettes on the market which contain fillers and binders, our eco heat logs are made from 100% virgin wood fibre. This raw composition ensures a clean burn with no additives or chemicals, resulting in minimal smoke or fumes. 

Take a look at the specifications:


Moisture Content

Allows for easy lighting and a long, clean and efficient burn without excessive smoke.

19.95 MJ/kg

Calorific Value

Provides a high burning temperature for a powerful heat output.


Total Ash Content

Minimises ash buildup and reduces maintenance requirements.

Eco Wood Briquette Pack & Pallet

Their compact size and uniform shape make them easy to handle and store.

Each Eco Briquette

230 x 250 x 75mm

Eco Briquette Pack

7 Heat Logs

Eco Briquette Pallet

120 Eco Briquette Packs

120 x 100cm

Please note: The minimum order for trade customer is 120 packs / 1 pallet.

Additional Product Information

100% British Made

Support local farmers and growers with our UK-grown eco willow wood briquettes. Choose sustainability and quality by investing in British agriculture.

Easy Lighting & Long Burn Time

Our eco wood briquettes are easy to ignite and burn for a prolonged period of time, ensuring sustained warmth and reliable performance.

High Burning Temperature

Experience powerful heat output with our briquettes, thanks to their high burning temperature.

Clean Combustion

Willow wood briquettes from Eco Crops contain 100% raw virgin fibre willow with no additives or chemicals, offering a clean and efficient burn with minimal smoke or fumes.

Carbon Neutral

Made from natural willow that’s sustainably grown and coppiced in the UK, these wood briquettes are carbon neutral, making them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious retailers and consumers.

Delivery Information

We offer free economy delivery to most addresses in the UK and islands, with discounted prices available on full-load deliveries—please contact us for a quote

Uses for Willow Wood Briquettes

Our eco willow wood briquettes are versatile and suitable for various heating and cooking applications, including:

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Become a Stockist

Ideal for retail and corporate sectors, these eco wood briquettes make an excellent addition to any stockist’s product range. 

Our dedicated team provides exceptional customer service and in-depth product knowledge to ensure that our stockist partners receive the best value and support for our sustainable willow wood briquette products.

Whether you have questions about our products or need assistance with placing an order, we’re here to help every step of the way.

As a stockist, you'll benefit from -

Reliable & Consistent Supply

Reliable and consistent supply of high-quality, sustainable willow wood briquettes that offer customers an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, low-smoke fuel source

Highest Quality Ready to Burn Certified Product

Quality heat logs that are Ready to Burn certified to guarantee a premium product that delivers exceptional performance

Competitive Trade Pricing & Bulk Order Discounts

Competitive trade pricing and discounts for bulk orders to maximise profitability and improve your bottom line

Thanks to our efficient logistics partners, we offer free economy delivery to most UK mainland addresses, with discounted pricing available on full pallet load (1000kg) deliveries.

Join our growing network of satisfied retail stockists and offer your customers sustainable heat logs made from 100% natural willow wood, while supporting British agriculture and the local economy. 

Contact our team to discuss your requirements or place your order today.

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What makes willow wood briquettes better than the alternatives?

Willow wood briquettes support British farmers

When you buy these willow wood briquettes, you're supporting our local farmers and growers across the UK. These eco wood briquettes are made from sustainably grown and coppiced UK willow wood, providing farmers with a valuable source of income and contributing to the growth of British agriculture and sustainable farming practices.

Willow is good for the environment

Willow wood briquettes offer numerous environmental benefits. They are made from willow crops which are naturally sustainable and renewable. SRC willow is considered to be a carbon-neutral fuel and plays a part in capturing carbon in the environment, while the crops can also provide natural flood management solutions.

Plus, these crops have a high biodiversity value that supports local ecosystems by creating wildlife corridors. In fact, SRC Willow attracts over 260 beneficial insects that prey on pests that farmers typically struggle with! Find out more about perennial willow crops

Growing perennial willow wood crops helps with natural flood management

Perennial willow wood crops play a vital role in natural flood management. Their extensive root systems help stabilise soil, prevent erosion, and absorb excess water during periods of heavy rainfall, reducing the risk of flooding in vulnerable areas. By growing willow on their land, farmers can benefit from natural flood management solutions while simultaneously supporting the environment and making the most of otherwise unusable land.

Willow crops can be grown alongside livestock

Willow wood crops offer multiple benefits when integrated into farming systems. Livestock can benefit from the shade and shelter provided by willow trees, while the trees themselves can be used as fodder. This means that farmers can create a more balanced and sustainable farm mix. Learn more about willow in UK agroforestry.

Willow wood crops help farmers enhance food production

Willow wood crops can complement existing agricultural activities, enhancing food production and diversifying farm income. 


Willow wood crops can complement existing agricultural practices. They contribute to enhanced food production by providing opportunities for agroforestry and diversified farming systems. Whether used for livestock fodder, biomass fuel, flood management, or simply to add new revenue streams to improve the farm's overall resilience, willow offers farmers a versatile and sustainable resource for enhancing their farming practices.

FAQs About Willow Wood Briquettes

What are willow wood briquettes?

Willow wood briquettes, also called heat logs or fire bricks, are dense, compressed blocks of 100% willow wood that are used as a renewable fuel source. Wood briquettes provide a long, hot, and virtually smokeless burn that’s ideal for biomass boilers or heating homes with wood stoves or fireplaces.

Why should I choose willow wood briquettes over other products?

Willow is a fast-growing renewable resource, which makes our willow wood briquettes deliver unparalleled sustainability and environmental benefits compared to other products.

Burning willow wood briquettes is carbon neutral, as the carbon dioxide released during combustion is offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the willow crops during growth. 

Unlike many other alternatives, they provide a clean burn with no additives or chemicals, making them an eco-friendly choice for heating and cooking needs.

Our willow wood briquettes are sourced from locally grown and coppiced UK willow wood. These crops regrow every year, which means they are naturally sustainable. But that’s not all! Perennial willow crops boast lots more environmental benefits, too.

By choosing Eco Crops’ willow wood briquettes, you’ll be supporting British growers and sustainable farming practices while reducing your carbon footprint.

Are these eco briquettes chemical-free?

Yes, our willow briquettes contain no fillers, binders or chemical additives. They are made from 100% sustainably sourced virgin willow fibres for clean combustion.

How long do wood briquettes burn for?

Burn times can vary, but generally, one willow heat log will provide heat output for 1-2 hours depending on the appliance. Their high heat density means fewer briquettes are needed compared to firewood, or you can mix them with logs for a longer and higher temperature burn.

Are wood briquettes better than heat logs?

Willow wood briquettes offer some key advantages over firewood logs - they are cleaner burning, have higher heat output, are consistent in shape/size, and are more economical per BTU of heat provided. 

Or, why don't you mix heat logs and briquettes together so the high temperature burns all the gases and turns them into heat rather than letting them escape up the flue?

Where is the willow sourced from?

All of the willow used in our eco wood briquettes is locally grown and harvested from sustainable farms right here in the UK by British farmers. The perennial willow wood crops are harvested using a coppicing method which means they grow back again year after year.

Let Eco Crops be your sustainable fuel supplier and offer your customers the convenience, versatility and environmental benefits of our quality willow wood briquettes, heat logs and fire bricks today!

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