Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)

Our ramial chipped wood is made from 100% virgin willow wood, sourced from local farms across the UK

Eco Crops’ ramial chipped wood is made from 100% virgin willow wood, sourced from local farms across the UK. Our willow wood chips are the ideal choice for garden architects, landscapers, and professional gardeners to use as quality ground cover and specialist feeding or decorative mulch.

Zero Acidification effect on soil Willow ramial mulch - Eco Crops Ltd

What is ramial chipped wood and how is it made?

Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW), or raméal chipped wood, is a type of fresh, uncomposted woodchip made from the smaller, younger branches of trees. These nutrient-rich parts of the tree contain up to 75% of the minerals, amino acids, proteins, phytohormones and enzymes found in the entire plant. 

At Eco Crops Ltd, we source our RCW from sustainably coppiced willow trees grown by local farmers right here in the UK. Coppicing is a traditional woodland management technique that involves cutting willow crops down to their base every 3-5 years, allowing them to re-sprout and regrow. By doing so, we create a continuous and renewable supply of young, nutrient-dense branches to produce our specialist ramial chipped willow wood.


Virgin Willow Wood


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How is ramial chipped willow wood different from other wood chips?

Eco Crops’ ramial chipped willow wood differs significantly from other types of woodchips on the market. Unlike traditional wood chips which are typically made from larger, woody tree trunks and branches, our RCW is produced exclusively from the fresh, green sections of the willow tree, usually less than 7cm or ¼ inch in diameter. These younger parts of the tree contain more nutrients than bark or trunk wood used in most standard woodchip products, making our ramial chipped wood a higher-quality material compared to bark chips or trunk chips. 

Our ramial chipped willow wood may even contain some organic matter such as green leaves, further enhancing its nutritional profile. On top of this, willow trees are renowned for their exceptional nutrient composition, fast decomposition time, and natural disease-fighting qualities, setting Eco Crops’ ramial chipped willow wood apart from other woodchip products on the market.

Case Study: The Garlic Farm - Isle of Wight

The Garlic Farm Case Study - Eco Crops Ltd Woodland Management & Willow Energy Crop Specialists

The Garlic Farm – Growth is less than 1 year.  

The guys over at The Garlic Farm in the Isle of Wight have recently shared a picture of their willow growth after just 1 year since planting the crops as part of their livestock pasture and organic garlic rotation!

The willow growth rate has been greatly improved through the use of our Willow Mulch due to its benefits, including organic weed control, regulation of soil temperature, maintaining soil moisture content, improving soil fertility & structure and prevention of erosion caused by water and wind and by not taking nitrogen from the soil.


Organic Weed Control

Moisture Retention

Improved Soil Fertility

The nutrient cycle of ramial chipped willow wood

As a natural mulch, Eco Crops’ ramial chipped willow wood promotes microbial activity in the soil and activates the biological processes that lead to its gradual decomposition, forming a stable humus. This naturally decayed organic material is full of essential nutrients and helps retain moisture, creating an optimal environment for plant growth and soil fertility. 

Ramial chipped willow wood has an especially nutrient-dense composition, including higher nitrogen content compared to other wood chips. This allows the willow-based RCW to decompose at a faster rate, releasing its nutrients into the soil more quickly to enrich it. In turn, this nourishes and sustains healthy plant life. 

As the ramial chipped wood breaks down, it also helps facilitate positive fungal development and builds a healthy soil microbiome at a faster rate than other woodchips. As the chips continue to decompose, the nutrients are steadily released into the soil to improve its quality and fertility, which in turn fuels plant growth. 

Eco Crops’ RCW also helps retain soil moisture, moderate pH levels, reduce pathogens, and increase populations of beneficial earthworms and other small insects that support the overall ecosystem. Through this cyclical process, Eco Crops’ ramial chipped willow wood provides a simple yet highly effective solution for cultivating lush, vibrant gardens and landscapes.

How to use ramial chipped wood

Eco Crops’ ramial chipped willow wood is a versatile and long-lasting material suitable for a wide range of practical applications, from gardening and landscaping to animal substrate and biomass fuel. From pathways and raised beds to tree saplings and border plantings, Eco Crops’ ramial chipped willow wood is a versatile, eco-friendly solution for cultivating thriving outdoor spaces.

In the garden, our uniform, durable willow wood chips make an excellent mulch for flower beds, borders and vegetable patches. RCW helps suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, and prevent erosion. Over time, the slow decomposition of the chips also enriches the soil with organic matter and nutrients to promote lush, healthy plant growth.

Eco Crops’ willow-based ramial chipped wood is also a fantastic alternative to traditional mulches. It can be used as both a functional feeding mulch and an attractive decorative mulch, providing all the same valuable benefits for your plants and soil. By reducing the need for frequent weeding and watering, our RCW helps save you time and effort while ensuring optimal weed control and optimal growing conditions for your plants.

As a natural ground cover, ramial chipped wood can maintain its structure for longer and withstand wear and compaction better than the likes of bark chips, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like pathways and trails.

Why choose RCW from Eco Crops?

Ramial chipped wood from Eco Crops is made from 100% virgin willow wood chips that are sourced from our local farmers across the UK. 

These SRC perennial willow wood crops are sustainably grown and coppiced, meaning the crops are never uprooted and continue to regrow year after year.

Since willow is a fast-growing, naturally renewable resource, we are able to maintain a stable, reliable supply of high-quality RCW for our customers. We harvest our growers’ willow crops every 3-5 years over a period of 30-50+ years, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Willow trees also bring a wealth of other ecological benefits such as increased biodiversity, carbon sequestration, natural flood management, and enhanced food production on farms.

In fact, research shows that the natural salicin compounds found in willow mulch can be effective at combating common diseases like apple scab, which many fruit trees have grown resistant to conventional chemical treatments for. 

Our ramial chipped willow wood offers outstanding consistency, with a uniform size and homogeneous composition that won’t acidify the soil or pose any risks to your plants. Unlike walnut and some other wood varieties, willow-based RCW has no acidification effect on the soil, making it suitable for use around a wide range of plant life. Its slow, steady decomposition provides a continuous supply of organic matter to nourish and sustain your garden’s fertility over time.

Beyond its practical benefits, ramial chipped wood from Eco Crops also promotes overall soil health and biodiversity. By stimulating the biological activity in the soil, our willow woodchip can contribute to improved soil structure, porosity and nutrient cycling – reducing the need for additional water and inputs to improve plant growth.

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Please note: Willow chip orders will be delivered via The Pallet Network. Unfortunately, the driver will only be able to unload onto relatively smooth surfaces, not gravel.

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Ordering Your Ramial Chipped Wood

Ordering your ramial chipped wood couldn’t be simpler. Whether you opt for bulk walking floors with 90, 100, or 110 cubic metre loads or dumpy bags, our locally grown willow wood chip offers uniform consistency, making it perfect for various applications.

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