Uses for Eco Willow Briquettes

Uses for Eco Willow Briquettes

When it comes to sustainable heating solutions, few options rival the versatility and eco-friendliness of willow briquettes from Eco Crops. Crafted from locally grown and coppiced UK willow wood, these eco briquettes offer a clean, efficient, and carbon-neutral alternative to traditional firewood. But their utility extends far beyond the home fireplace, catering to a wide range of domestic and commercial applications…

Domestic Use

For homeowners, our willow briquettes are a game-changer when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere in your living space. Whether you’re cosying up by the fireplace on a chilly evening or entertaining guests around the fire pit in your backyard, these briquettes provide a reliable and eco-friendly fuel source that’s perfect for fire pits, campfires, barbecues and pizza ovens. Their easy lighting and long burn time ensure hours of uninterrupted warmth without the need for constant restocking, while their clean burn minimises smoke and ash mess so you can spend more time enjoying the moment.

Perfect Fuel for Wood-Fired Ovens

Pizza makers and bakers alike can take their culinary creations to new heights with our high-heat willow briquettes. 

Designed for wood-fired ovens, these willow briquettes give a delicious, lightly smoked flavour that enhances the taste of artisanal pizzas and other home-baked goods. Their easy lighting and low maintenance ensure a hassle-free cooking experience with consistent heat output and minimal smoke.

Commercial Use

The benefits of Eco Crops’ willow wood briquettes extend to businesses across various industries. Hospitality establishments, in particular, can upgrade their guest experience with the warm glow of a crackling fire fuelled by our willow briquettes.

Our long-burning willow wood briquettes keep fires stoked for hours, creating a charming atmosphere with minimal smoke and ash mess. This allows your staff to focus on providing outstanding service while offering guests an authentic, cosy experience. Plus, as our willow briquettes are sustainably sourced and carbon-neutral, they’re a great way to lower your carbon footprint and strengthen your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Ideal for Hospitality Businesses

Hotels, pubs, cottages, and glamping sites can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their guests with crackling fires that require less restocking and maintenance. Our willow briquettes also help venues appeal to the growing eco-conscious preferences of modern travellers.

Key benefits of using willow briquettes:

  • Keep fires alight for hours with less restocking 
  • Create a charming atmosphere without excessive smoke
  • Produce less ash mess to maintain 
  • Allow staff to focus on outstanding service

Various businesses can benefit from the versatility of our willow briquettes, such as:

  • Hotels and Pubs: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests with our willow briquettes. Enjoy easy lighting, long burn times, and minimal ash waste, allowing your staff to devote more time to providing excellent service.
  • Cottages, Lodges, Glamping, and B&Bs: Enhance the charm of your accommodation with a stunning open fire or wood-burning stove. Our willow briquettes provide the perfect solution for creating memorable experiences for your guests, ensuring comfort and relaxation during their stay.
  • Pizza Ovens: Elevate your pizza-making experience with our briquettes. Enjoy the rich, smoky flavour of wood-fired pizzas without the hassle. Our briquettes are easy to light and burn strong and long, allowing you to focus on creating delicious pizzas for your customers or guests.


Whether you’re seeking warmth and comfort at home or looking to enhance the guest experience at your business, Eco Crops’ willow briquettes offer the perfect solution. With their sustainable sourcing, eco-friendly properties, and unmatched versatility, these willow wood briquettes are the ideal choice for those who care about quality and the environment. 

Upgrade to the unbeatable warmth, convenience, and eco-benefits of Eco Crops’ premium willow briquettes today!

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