Eco Crops Ltd Partners with Lloyd Ltd to Support Sustainable Future for British Agriculture

Eco Crops Ltd team at Lloyd Ltd Carlisle in front of their newly acquired New Holland machinery.

Working with farmers and landowners across the nation to grow and deliver high-quality sustainable end products derived from natural and renewable sources, Eco Crops Ltd offer a range of woodland management and perennial SRC willow & poplar wood crop services and wood-based products throughout the UK. Their services include land preparation, planting, management and harvesting […]

How to Use Eco Heat Logs

Eco Wood Willow Heat Briquettes - Eco Crops Ltd

Eco heat logs, also known as wood briquettes, offer a sustainable and efficient heating solution for various applications, from heating your home to cooking food on the barbecue.  These products are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable alternative to traditional firewood. Made from 100% compressed willow wood fibres with no fillers, chemicals or additives, our […]

Uses for Eco Willow Briquettes

Eco Wood Willow Heat Briquettes - Eco Crops Ltd

When it comes to sustainable heating solutions, few options rival the versatility and eco-friendliness of willow briquettes from Eco Crops. Crafted from locally grown and coppiced UK willow wood, these eco briquettes offer a clean, efficient, and carbon-neutral alternative to traditional firewood. But their utility extends far beyond the home fireplace, catering to a wide […]

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